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Elizabeth Binsfield BA RN

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The Unexpected Challenges in Labor and Delivery Nursing

Many student nurses become enamored with Labor and Delivery nursing and the infectious joy surrounding most births. This specialty, however, is not without its challenges to effective care. It requires nurses to remain vigilant and current on the advances in obstetrical care while working with pregnant patients from all walks of life. Link to Story

Considering a Career in Forensic Nursing?

Forensic nursing involves working with the aftermath of violent situations. Violence is both a health care and a legal issue, so this places forensic nurses in a unique leadership position to connect health care, science, and the legal system. Forensic nurses partner with law enforcement and other agencies to investigate and resolve events such as domestic violence, sexual crimes, child and elder abuse, homicide, and suicide. Link to Story

Nursing Leadership in Wound Care

Do you love patient care but long for some autonomy in your nursing practice? Perhaps a leadership position in wound care nursing is the answer. Wounds are often the domain of one or more wound care nurses, as they are especially problematic for nursing departments, particularly those acquired during a hospital or facility stay. Link to Story

7 Tips for Online Nursing School Students

Flexibility makes online nursing school an appealing option for those who might otherwise be unable to fit classes into their busy lives. However, the independent nature of online nursing programs requires you to have an organized approach for academic success. Link to Story

Live to Learn

Summary of summer 2014 health care educational opportunities and internships available for high school students and undergraduates in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Get it in Writing

This appeared in my previous blog through NAIWE (National Association of Writers and Editors),

Flu Are You?

This appeared in my previous blog through NAIWE (National Association of Writers and Editors).

The Wound Care Unemployment Line

Editorial essay on the state of employment for wound care nurses in my area.
Today's Wound Clinic Link to Story

The Humor Connection

Editor for the Spring 2007 issue of The Humor Connection.
Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor Link to Story


Elizabeth Binsfield BA RN

I've been a registered nurse for twenty years. I've also been writing in some fashion since I was a child. Today I combine both of my passions writing about health and wellness for the industry and the consumer.

Nurses are trained to educate and advocate for our patients. Thanks to my training and experience, I'm particularly adept at digesting complex information into easily accessible language for any audience. My voice is affable and approachable, yet professional.

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